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A Sea of Lights from Water Power

A Sea of Lights from Water Power Franz Walter

What would the Christkindlesmarkt be without its festive lighting? In Nuremberg we can enjoy our sea of lights without a bad conscience. The Bavarian Association of Traveling Showmen has decided to set a shining example for other Christmas Markets: Since 2013, they have used green electricity from the N-ERGIE AG Nürnberg. The power, which is certified from TÜV Nord, is 100% generated by hydroelectric power.

The city of Nuremberg has also opted for sustainability and as early as 2008 changed to CO2-free green electricity from N-ERGIE.

For N-ERGIE, sustainability means using resources sparingly and efficiently. Take, for example, its biomass thermal power station in Nuremberg-Sandreuth: There, residual forest wood is used in an environmentally-friendly cogeneration process to produce both electricity and heat. The heat is fed to a district heating network. This means that 7% of Nuremberg’s district heating is produced organically. This percentage will increase in the future.

Natural gas can also be produced sustainably: In 2012 and 2013, N-ERGIE opened two biomethane plants in northern Bavaria, which will be run together with partners. The renewable raw materials that will be used in the plants come from local farms. A by-product of fermentation in the biogas facility is high-quality organic fertilizer, which can be used by the farmers which supply the plant – closing the raw materials cycle. The biogas will be refined into organic natural gas and fed into the natural gas grid.

Biomass thermal power station in Nuremberg-Sandreuth N-ERGIE

Investments in sustainability are an important contribution to the success of the change in energy policy. This Herculean labor can only be managed by working together. That is why N-ERGIE is also working with partners to support numerous solar and wind-energy projects in northern Bavaria. Through public participation financing, local citizens can become involved in the projects and have the opportunity to support the change in energy policy.

For N-ERGIE, sustainability also means not resting on your laurels, but thinking about tomorrow today in order to develop innovative answers for the future. It is working in close cooperation with companies and universities in Bavaria. For example, N-ERGIE is financing a five-year “Systems of electrical energy supply”chair at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg and is active in the Energy Campus Nuremberg. It supports products that explore the potential of waste materials for energy production and, together with partners, is testing technological concepts to better use the energy that is currently produced.

Find more information about N-ERGIE: www.n-ergie.de 

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