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Christkindlesmarkt Children's Rally

Discover the Christkindlesmarkt with children. Florian Trykowski

Discover the Christkindlesmarkt

Explore together with your siblings, friends, parents or grandparents the Christkindlesmarkt with the new and exciting children's rally. The kids have to answer questions about the market, the Nuremberg Christkind, Christmas traditions and the Children's Christmas Market. In that way they learn interesting facts about the market and will even be rewarded with a little win!

Just answer the questions, return the sheet to the ticket booth at the Children's Christmas Market at Hans-Sachs-Platz and pick up your win!

Where do you get the children's rally?

You can pick up the sheet at our tourist offices at Hauptmarkt 18, right at the Christkindlesmarkt and at Königstraße 93, next to the main railway station. There you'll also get our Christkindlesmarkt program brochure with many tips and hints helping to answer the questions.

The children's rally is specially designed for age groups between age 5 - 7 and age 8 - 11.

Have fun!

A ride on the historic merry-go-round is one of the highlights for the kids! Florian Trykowski


Discover the Christkindlesmarkt

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