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“Original Regional” – from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

“Original Regional” – from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region Metropolregion Nürnberg

Twenty-three regional initiatives with more than 1,500 direct marketers and growers have joined together in the regional campaign. They all share an awareness that regional products can make a valuable contribution to our life and lifestyle – and not just from a culinary point of view. The strengthening of regional economic ties supports not only economic stability but also sustainable development.

Local is Better

Whether it’s tasty bread, juicy cherries or furniture made from locally-grown wood – our regional products and services are not just an expression of the high quality of life in the Nuremberg metropolitan region:

  • The support of regional firms secures their long-term future and keeps jobs and purchasing power in the region
  • Safeguarding local farming helps preserve biodiversity and traditional cultural landscapes and guarantees a local supply of produce
  • Short transport routes save valuable resources, reduce climate-harmful emissions and therefore support climate protection
  • Regional products strengthen regional identity and regional awareness.

Together We Do More

“Original Regional” – at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt Original Regional

The partners in the regional campaign guarantee that the production of their original regional products takes place predominately in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Eighty percent of the raw materials should – if available – come from the region. The producers also consciously abstain from the use of genetic engineering and dumping prices.

As is the case each year, you’ll find Original Regional products in the booths tucked in the niches of St. Sebald, across from the Old City Hall – It’s your rendezvous for maximum enjoyment in a relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll find more information about the Original Regional campaign at

You'll find a overwiew of the stalls here. 

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