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Top 10 Things to Do at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

1.  Enjoy the Nuremberg sausages

Mmmhh that smells tasty! Everywhere at the market you’ll find many booths selling the famous small Nuremberg sausages as “3 im Weggla” (3 in a roll) to go. Enjoy it!

Delicious Nuremberg sausages at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt.

Steffen Oliver Riese

2. Try the famous Nuremberg gingerbread

The famous Lebkuchen is baked for more than 600 years in Nuremberg. At the Christmas Market you’ll get them in every size and with different coatings like chocolate, sugar or even strawberry! Furthermore they are the perfect souvenirs for the loved ones at home, packed in beautiful tin boxes.

Famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen

Steffen Oliver Riese

 3. Join a stagecoach tour

Each visitor excitedly turns to look when the yellow stagecoach with the horses and the coachmen passes by. Experience a nostalgic trip around the festive city sitting cosily in the coach, passing by the sights of Nuremberg and listening to the Christmas songs the coachman plays on his trumpet…

Go on a tour with the yellow stagecoach.

Steffen Oliver Riese

4. Find gifts from all over the world

Right next to the Christmas Market, the Market of the Sister Cities dispenses an international flair. Sister Cities from all over the world sell gifts from Scottish kilts to Czech wooden angels and tasty French marmalade.

View over the Market of the Sister Cities

Uwe Niklas

5. Meet the Nuremberg Christkind

With its blond locks, the big crown and the golden dress, it’s the symbol and most important representative of the Nuremberg Christmas Market – the Christkind. Every week from Tuesday to Friday the Christkind visits the Christkindlesmarkt daily at 3 pm. Get to know it, take a picture or even give  your wishing to Christkind!

Meeting the Nuremberg Christkind

Florian Trykowski

6. Browse for beautiful Christmas tree decorations

Traditional hand craft products are an essential part of the articles sold at the Christmas Market like Christmas tree decorations made from wood or glass along with the famous Nuremberg “Rauschgoldengel” (gold-foil angel).

Find beautiful decorations for your Christmas tree at home!

Steffen Oliver Riese

7. Have a look at the funny Prune Men

They come along as piano players, waiters, football player and many more – the handmade Nuremberg Prune Men, made from dried prunes and figs. Maybe you’ll take one home as a souvenir?

Handmade from prunes, figs and walnuts - the Prune Men.


8. The best view on the market

Climb the stairs like the Christkind the Church of Our Lady and you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful view on the red-white colored booths, the lights, people strolling around the market…

View over the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

Uwe Niklas

9. Stop by the Children's Christmas Market

An unforgettable experience for everyone is the magical Children’s Christmas Market with a nostalgic merry-go-round, a Christmas bakery, a Santa Clause house and much more.

A Christmas Market especially for children!

Steffen Oliver Riese

10. Let the hot mulled wine warm you

When it’s cold outside, a hot mulled wine will warm you again after your stroll around the Christmas Market. It comes along in a beautiful mug, which is designed especially for every year. It’ll be the perfect souvenir for your kitchen cupboard at home! 

Hot mulled wine with the Nuremberg Christmas Market mug.

Thomas Langer

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Licensed products at the Christkindlesmarkt

Nuremberg from above at Christmas time

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt