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How is the Nuremberg Christkind chosen?

The Sternenhaus awaits little visitors with a Christmasy cultural program.

Stadt Nürnberg

Young Nuremberg girls can apply if they fulfill the following conditions:

- They should either have been born in Nuremberg or have lived here for a long time.
- They must be at least 16 years old, but no older than 19.
- They must be at least 160 centimeters tall and not be afraid of heights.
- They must be willing to work in any weather.

Childrens eyes sparkle when they meet the Nuremberg Christkind

Florian Trykowski

Out of the pool of applicants, twelve are selected and their photographs are published in the local newspaper and on the internet. Readers and users may then select their favorite. The six applicants who receive the most votes are invited to an interview – including a test of their knowledge of Nuremberg – in front of a jury, which selects the Christkind. The jury consists of representatives of the media, of the Nuremberg State Theatre, of the Market Department, the Press and Information Department, and the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office, as well as the Christkind of the years before. The lucky winner then serves for the two following years.

In 2017 a new Christkind was chosen. Rebecca Ammon was elected to serve the following two years as the Nuremberg Christkind. Rebecca was born in 2000 in Nuremberg and her hobbies are skiing, photography, reading books, playing the guitar and dancing. She is active in church youth work.