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Tour 3: Local and regional products at the Christkindlesmarkt 2023

Uwe Niklas

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The tour starts at Booth 3 of Walhalla Lamb from Regensburg. Here you can find all sorts of good things made from sheep: Yarns, wool socks, cuddly toys and soap made from sheep’s milk. The soap is enhanced with colors, scents, herbs or oil and is calming for sensitive skin.

At the second stop you’ll also find great wool products. At Daniela Enßner’s Booth 22, there are caps, gloves, felt soles and much more. All products are made with the wool from her alpacas in the Aurach Valley and keep you cozy warm during a cold winter.

One lane on, PLAYMOBIL in Stand 46 makes children’s eyes light up with joy. This Franconian export king – founded in 1974 in nearby Zirndorf – has conquered the world of toys with its little figures. Children in Germany and around the world use these playthings to dive into the world of knights, police, builders and astronauts.

Things turn even sweeter a few meters further in the “Zum Eierzucker” lane: Juliane Neuffer-Tietz presents everything about bees and their products in Booth 65. In addition to homemade honey from the mountains in northern Bavaria, she offers bee-cream, honey soap, lip balms, incense cones and met.

A visit to Stand 94 is a must for all teddy bear fans. Local Fürth-based Elisabeth Wimmer discovered her love of little bears just by chance. Since then, teddy bears have been arriving from the “Clover-Leaf City”: In limited editions, some sewn, others knitted; all handmade. And if your darling should lose an eye or need repair, Elisabeth Wimmer has opened a teddy bear hospital too.

Everything started with a lump of clay more than 30 years ago: Ursula Leyk made the first little house for her young daughter and put a tea light in it. In the years since then, these illuminated ceramic houses from Rothenburg ob der Tauber have become sought-after collector’s items. Half-timbered cottages, towers, mansions with pointed gables, schools and much more light up the market at Booth 92, near the crèche.

The tour goes on playfully at Stand 116, where Sabine Straus from Würzburg has games for children and adults, for singles and parties, for those who like puzzles, for fans of classic games and those who are looking for something new. Whether it’s 3D nine men’s morris, backgammon or quattromania, they all have something in common – they’re made out of wood and therefore look nice as a decoration on your bookshelf.

Manufaktur Dr. Röska comes from the Upper Palatinate. The company offers its pure vegetable face and body care products in Booth 145, next to the Beautiful Fountain. Its all-natural soap, body balms and bath and shower products are made without synthetic additives and enriched with honey, bee’s wax and milk. The company’s own scents are created from unadulterated essential oils.

Just a few steps away, at the corner of the City Hall, one finds Tomas Braunwarth from Fürth at Booth 147. He presents extraordinary candle creations and spiced candles, which emit a wonderful aroma when lit.

To round off the tour, head to the niches of St. Sebald’s Church, right across from the historical Old City Hall. There, you’ll find the booths of Original Regional with specialties from Franconia and the Upper Palatinate. Herbal teas, mulled wine, fine brandies and jams made from fruit from local orchards, unique sausages made from lamb and beef, wool products, soap and bee’s wax products and much more – are all on offer from local regional growers and producers.

Download the tour for 2023

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