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Hands-on booths for creative kids

Little ones will have a great time at the Children's Christmas Market

Steffen Oliver Riese

Little Bakers in the Christmas Bake House

Steffen Oliver Riese

Christmas Bake House

In the Christmas Bake House, children can bake their own lebkuchen: rolling out the dough, cutting out their own gingerbread figures and decorating them. The dough is then popped in the oven and in a few minutes the delicious treats are ready to take home. Children love to use their imagination when decorating gingerbread with nuts or sugar pearls.

Cost: 3,00 Euros


Candle Making

In the candle making booth, little visitors can create their own candles in all the colors of the rainbow

Steffen Oliver Riese

In the candle making booth of the Mallmann Company, children have the opportunity to dye candles in a whole range of colors: there’s no limit to their imagination. In fact, experience shows that orange is a favorite! Even more difficult is choosing the right shape: long and thin or thick and round or one from every type? After all, you need a candle for each Sunday in Advent and they make wonderful gifts. Another option is a wax print of a child’s hand, which is a favorite present for grandparents.

Cost: from 2,00 Euros


Glass workshop

In the glass workshop, little visitors can choose from high-quality key-chains with Swarowski crystals or various drinking glasses and engrave them with their own motive, such as a name or holiday greeting.

Cost: from 2,00 Euros

Teddy Bear's Crafts and Cards

Children can decorate different items with individual poker work.

Steffen Oliver Riese

Children can make personalized Christmas cards using their own colorful fingerprints – creating an amazing array of animals and other figures.

They can also make Christmas presents using brushes and corks. All for a small fee of 1 € or more.

Children's Sand Pictures

Here kids can create artworks from sand!

Steffen Oliver Riese

In this hands-on booth, children can create pictures using various colors of sand. They can either follow patterns or let their imagination take wing. This form of art will deepen their understanding of color, help with fine motor skills and is a sensatory stimulus.

Cost: from 5,00 Euros

Museums-Post Office

Sponsored by the DB Museum, at the Museums-Post Office children can write a Christmas wish list for the Christkind or send a letter to loved ones. Cut-out sheets and a free mini-book are available for every child. Two mail boxes assure that the letters reach their destination. A visit to the post office and “mailing” a Christmas wish list to the Christkind is free of charge. In the past, more than 100 wish lists, letters and pictures were sent to the Christkind each day. Children who wish to send a letter to friends or family pay only for a stamp.

The Nicolas House

Nicolas sits in his festively-decorated house and waits for children to visit him. There’s no need to be afraid: This jolly man has a lot of patience with children and answers all their questions gladly. In addition, Nicolas offers a very special service: Parents or grandparents can arrange an appointment, create a personally prepared package, deliver it to the Nicolas House and see their children or grandchildren receive the package from Nicolas himself. This experience creates memories that last a lifetime.
For a fee, you can also have a photo taken of your child with Nicolas.

Make an appointment by calling +49 0151-11208463 or sending an e-mail to nikolaus@artstudios.de

Bruder Active Playhouse

Family Bruder invites all children to the Active Playhouse at the Children’s Christmas Market. Here, they can play to their heart’s content with the latest toys – and free of charge!

Various themed areas invite kids to play as long as they like! And it’s even safe for very little ones (18 months and older) to experiment and learn with the toddler series.