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Tips for Opening Day:

The booths of the Christkindlesmarkt are open from 10:00 am on Opening Day. The Nuremberg Christkind recites the famous prologue from the balcony of the Church of Our Lady at 5:30 pm.

When and where can I meet the Nuremberg Christkind?

The Nuremberg Christkind appears at the Children’s Christmas Market every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at ca. 2:30 pm to invite all children to a free-of-charge ride on the historical merry-go-round. Afterwards, the Christkind appears on the stage of the Christkindlesmarkt around 3 pm.


What are the security measures at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt?

For many years, the city of Nuremberg, the police and emergency services have had a comprehensive security concept for the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. After the attacks in Berlin and Nice, this security concept has been further developed and refined. Among other measures, police presence is more visible and additional and more permanent traffic barriers have been put in place.

Although there is no evidence that there is a concrete danger to the Christkindlesmarkt, the police have decided to place more officers at the market – both uniformed and in plain clothes. The goal is to create a stronger subjective feeling of security at the market. The police are always in contact with the German Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bavaria Security Services. Both the city and police recommend that one should be calm yet alert.


Can you fly drones over the market?

No. Flying drones over the market is forbidden.


May I bring my dog to the Christkindlesmarkt?

It is not forbidden to bring dogs to the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. However, given the number of human visitors to both the market and the Old Town during the Christmas season, we recommend you leave your four-legged friend at home – for their sake.


Where can I park?

All information about parking and the current parking situation in parking garages near the market is available at Arrival.


Where can I find things I have lost?

The official Nuremberg Office for Lost and Found is located at Siebenkeesstraße 4 in the Südstadtforum Service and Social Services. However, lost and found items from the Christmas Market are often given to the police and can be claimed at the Polizeiwache Rathaus or are deposited at the Citizen’s (Bürger) Information Office in City Hall, Hauptmarkt 18. Items lost at the Nuremberg Children’s Christmas Market are placed on the "Lost and Found Tree" and can be picked up there.


How do I find the police?

The closest Police Station is the Polizeiwache Rathaus at Theresienstraße 2, just a minute-or-two north of the Christkindlesmarkt. You can also call the police at +49 911-206070.


Where can I find information about the Christmas Market?

The best place to get information about Nuremberg and the Christkindlesmarkt is Tourist Information at Hauptmarkt 18, located directly on the north side of the market. There our friendly personnel – who speak many languages – will give you information and advice.


Where can I find public toilets?

Public toilets are available at the west side of the city hall and behind the Church of Our Lady. Signs at the market will lead you there.


How can I find a taxi?

The closest taxi stand to the Christkindlesmarkt is located in the Augustinerstraße, just west of the market. Signs at the market will lead you there.


What happens if it storms and the market must be closed?

If the Christkindlesmarkt would have to close because of a storm, visitors to the market would be informed over loudspeakers at the market. Merchants at the booths will receive a SMS text message from the city of Nuremberg.


How can I find vegetarian or vegan foods at the market?

The vegetarian offerings at the Christkindlesmarkt range from delicious potato pancakes – either sweet or savory – to various sweet treats such as gingerbread, dumplings or Franconian Küchle (there is no translation for this wonderful treat!) and waffles and savory delights such as sweet corn, pretzels and vegetarian baguettes.

For vegans, there is fresh mashed potatoes with a variety of toppings or sweet corn. The potato pancakes (without egg as the potato starch binds them together and the cooking oil is pure palm oil) as well as the pretzels from T. Bassing are vegan. If you aren’t sure, just ask the person at the booth. They can let you know or send you in the right direction.

Potato Pancakes/Kartoffelpuffer (Franconian: Baggers): Booth 159 (K. Hoffmann)
Franconian Dumplings: Booth 101 (M. Prütz)
Franconian Crepes: Booth 27 (D. Distel)
Franconian Küchle: Booth 157 (K. Zweck)
Waffle: Booth 161 (A. Krug) / Booth 62 (E. Braun)
Sweet Corn & Mashed Potatoes & Baguettes: Booth 86 (Heimerl/Hartnagel)
Pretzels: Booth 86 (Heimerl/Hartnagel) / Booth 14 (T. Bassing)

If you require gluten-free products, Booth 135 from Elisabeth and Peter Lößel is the best place to be. They offer gluten-free rolls. You can even contact them before your visit at E-Mail: service@gigerlas-loessel.de)


Is the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt handicapped-accessible?

Due to the local environment (cobblestones on the main market square) there are some minor restrictions for those with mobility issues. If you are in a wheelchair, some of the booths may have a counter or lower booth wall that is very high. In this case, the booth owner is aware and is always willing to help. Please let them know.

We have tried to make the signage for the market as large and color-contrasting as possible to make it easy to read.

The closest handicapped-accessible toilet is located on the west side of the city hall. You can find more information about barrier-free Nuremberg at the Download-Center of the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office.

If you ever need help at the Christkindlesmarkt, just let someone at a booth know. They are always willing to help.