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The Crèche at the Christkindlesmarkt

The Crèche at the Christkindlesmarkt Stadt Nürnberg

The shepherds are displayed in the traditional costume of the local Franconian farmers, which you can still experience at celebrations in the countryside around Nuremberg today.

Way of Crèches

If you are interested in nativity scenes, stroll along the “Way of Crèches” in the Spitalgasse between the Christkindlesmarkt and the Children’s Christmas Market on Hans-Sachs-Platz. Here, a series of charming wooden booths houses many different depictions of the birth of Christ. The Church of St. Gilles, Nuremberg’s only Baroque Lutheran church, is host to a crèche display from the Nuremberg “Friends of the Crèche” Club.

Way of Crèches
Spitalgasse (between Christkindlesmarkt and Children's Christmas Market)

Crèche in the oriental style. Verein Nürnberger Krippenfreunde e.V.

Exhibition of Crèches at Craftmen's Courtyard

Stroll around the idyllic courtyard with little shops, restaurants and workshops. During your walk through this tiny town, a special exhibition with handmade crèches from all over the world catches your eye. Each of them shows you a personal interpretation of the Christmas story and is individually designed with love to the detail.

Handwerkerhof (Crafmen's Courtyard)
Am Königstor (directly opposite of the main railway station)
90402 Nuremberg

Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.

Admission fee: free 

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